By random_angel

Pug's problem

Good morning Blippers! 

My name is Pug! I have been in Ra's toy box for nearly twelve years now . Today she has decided (in her wisdom) to allow me into a Blip. I am honoured to meet you all.

The challenge that Ra has set me, today, is to find the number of days until we go back to school. Well, I know perfectly well that it is eight full days including today. (Govt u turns allowing !!) 

However, I keep trying to make the beads move on this abacus and they just slip back. Ra is Raaaaing quite a lot - it is very difficult to explain to her that if she were to just put me in a different position it might be more achievable. 

Oh, well, I  am happy to tell you that I do know the number but cannot  move the beads at the moment. 

Wishing you all a Happy Saturday! 
Ra is expecting her brother and his wife so we need to be Blipsorted early! 

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