Berlin Invaded By Hoodlums From Certain States .

Above are some beliefs held by groups There are others They do not reflect my beliefs :-
The German government met the other day to reach agreement 
on safety measures in this rather unpleasant era .Most  states agreed but as usual there were those who said 'no' . Their right but why come up to Berlin for a weekend of demonstrating and refusing to abide by any rules . This human obsession with conspiracy theories is never ending and has grown via social media .Over 22,000 massed and refused to comply .Fortunately the police here are real, well trained and don't resort to violence. My blip shows the sky & clouds .All that was missing were many people with their heads up there .Look at just a few of the conspiracy theories people hold as their truth...Let them believe as they wish ,take no precautions, but stay in their own state and make a demonstration there.whilst infecting each other. .Berlin foots the bill for this and how will cases here increase. The extra shows a bird with more brains than many trouble makers.. Full marks to the Police . BTW the group who are against masks etc are right wing extremists .Wonder who is their hero ? Ship them out there I say .Then they will find what police can do & even some who aren't .
In a world where so many are educated I find such rather tragic .

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