Pictorial blethers

By blethers

At the end of the day ...

It's been a lovely day, weather-wise. Too lovely perhaps? Certainly I got all my towels and bedclothes out on the line, all drying beautifully, so certainly a lovely drying day. The morning was especially brilliant - bright sun, and a cool east wind. But our house faces NE, so we have a very sheltered sun-trap at our back door in this kind of weather, and it was there we had coffee this morning with a friend who dropped in to collect a jar of sourdough starter. (If you make sourdough bread, you'll know about the discard problem ...) It was so good to sit chatting in the sun that we were there right through more or less to lunch time - and we had lunch in the garden. Would we put the sunshade up? No - it was lovely to enjoy the hot sun contrasting with the cool air: we'd be fine.

But I fell asleep in the sun, reading after lunch. Bad idea. I actually think I managed to have too much sun, and felt decidedly off-colour for a bit. It reminded me of moments when I was younger - in Crete, in Italy, in Spain - and I recalled a few moments ago that I first tasted Metaxa because of having had too much sun... (I know. Bad idea all round. But it worked at the time).

So our walk was later, and strangely chilly. Partly that was me, partly the fact that the north wind somehow translated itself into more of a NW wind and found its way down Loch Striven, right into our path. We didn't go terribly far. The photo was taken just as we returned to the car. I love the way the cormorants (I think) gather on that particular mooring for the fuel depot pier - never on the other one - and the wonderful blue sharpness of the Arran hills beyond Bute.

I managed not to think about the pandemic all day. This has to be good - unless I'm getting blasé. 

In which case, bad.

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