By Terrifo

Sunday Lunch !

Well for the spider anyway, not enough meat for me ;-)) This daddy long legs (crane fly) was stuck in a spiders web. Not the one in extras, I just like the light that was being caught in that one. 

Busy day. A beautiful sunny day, although an extra top was required first thing. I did the washing, got it out on the line, and it is all dry and indoors, towels in the airing cupboard, and clothes ready for ironing. 

Then spent the rest of the morning gardening, as a friend said when she called in for a coffee, I have made space for the weeds to grow ....again! A bit more sorting out this afternoon outside, and now about to put the oven on so I can put a chicken in to roast for dinner later, after G&T chat with the girls.

I hope you have had a great weekend, the last Bank Holiday Monday  tomorrow, and a lunch out to look forward too. Take care out there , and stay safe :-) x

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