Picture Post

By HectorMcLeod

Not what you Think

This is a long saga but I will be brief

2014 before kitchen refurbished fridge faulty, temp too high, on trip to Ayr purchased mini fridge- Budweiser Cool Cabinet. Returned to find fridge working normally !!!

Budweiser stored in garage for 6 years unused, talks last month of disposal to good cause.

New fridge purchased as part of kitchen refurb started playing up, low of 6C. Time to put Budweiser fridge to use. and so it was switched on and worked perfectly

What Happened Next
Fridge manufacturer CDA did not respond to a week of calls and e mails re service to main fridge. Pretty poor. Upshot bought new fridge from local business.

So tomorrow Bud will be relegated back to garage, for the time being, until the next time?

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