Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Hair cut time

Lots to get done today and the first job was to give Kilda a hair cut. She still doesn’t like having her front paws and head done with the clippers so they are a bit rough and ready after a cut with the scissors. She was starting to get too hot on the walks last weekend and there was no way I could take her for a run. Will just have to make sure she doesn’t get cold when we are away this weekend or get sunburned now it’s so short. Went to Stockbridge in the afternoon as we needed to get some more evening treats for Kilda and I wanted to have a look at the new record shop there. Nice little second hand record shop where you can spend some time flipping through all the stuff. You do need to have an idea of what you want before going as the selection is very varied and, as its only a small shop they are only open at the weekends and only allow 3 or 4 people inside. J bought a cake and some scotch eggs for the weekend in the market before heading home. A night in watching the GP and then Dr Strange. One of the better Marvel films.

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