The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Berhills Farm

"After the oppressive humidity and heat of several days it was a relief to be in the comparative cool of 16 degrees at 0430 hr, about an hour of sunrise, with a spectacular mist sitting across the Marden Valley." - Photo card entry.

This card entry took me by surprise as I could not remember ever having got up so early! My diary confirmed that I had unusually got up at 0420 hr, and ventured outside to look for my cat Lucifer, who had gone missing  the previous day (he turned up safe and sound that evening). I had slept lightly due to the humidity  and my brain active after a busy day in London. Noticing the mist rolling over the valley in the distance I had wandered down to Berhills Farm and along the Marden, surprising some horses that were grazing there.

(Taken with a Pentax ME, on Kodacolor VR 100 print film, scanned on a printer-copier-scanner from a BonusPhoto 6x4 print)


Marden Valley Horses

Berhills Farm series
River series
River Marden series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Etta James - Misty blue (2011)
This was written by Bob Montgomery, a Buddy Holly cohort who moved to Nashville in 1959 where, as a songwriter in 1966 he provided Wilma Burgess with Misty Blue (a hit in 1975 for Dorothy Moore who had recorded it 1973). Bob Montgomery co-wrote some of Buddy Holly's songs, such as Heartbeat, Wishing and Love's Made A Fool Of You.
In 2002 an electronic trio named Amillionsons heavily sampled the track for their track Misti Blu. Etta James' version comes from her 28th and final album, The Dreamer. Her musical accompanists on the album included guitarists Leo Nocentelli and Big Terry de Rouen, saxophonist Jimmy Z, trombonist Kraig Kilby and trumpeter Lee Thornburg.

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