Big Hill

By bighill


We had a wonderful farewell gathering for Richard who will be leaving us in a couple of days.  He's decided to retire from his position here at Big Hill.....and head off into the wilds of BC to do some hiking!

About 13-15 of us gathered, out on the lawn and then when it rained a bit some of us escaped inside...that is where the food was!!!   Presents were given and he had a lovely time being honored!  For some reason i didn't feel like taking lots of photos, thankfully others did.....but when Terry and Scott started making music, i couldn't resist.   It's been a couple of years since these two made music together, it used to be a regular gig around here!   Things change, but perhaps this little gig has renewed their love of it, i hope so, it was lovely to sit there and be entertained!

I love seeing this man with her guitar!

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