... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Garden: Sketchy Sippy Scene

Swirlier in large.
Extras: (original photo of blip)
Ida struggles with slug

This was before they came out for their early afternoon scamper, and after I had a play with the image in Studio Artist 5... The duckules had been snoozing in the shade of their awning, and didn't leap up as soon as the run was open, so that counts as v. sleepy duckules as they're always eager for a flapabout....
Ida found a pretty big slug in the morning (well, too big a slug for a very little duck), and they all had a go nibbling on it, but eventually admitted defeat and left it to stew in the water bowl. *sigh*

Others here (Duckules right from here, and others right from Tank).

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