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The Joys of Books

Today I ventured out on "bookish" errands, rather than the now routine curbside pick-up of groceries ordered online.

My first stop (see extra photo) was the Bellingham Public Library downtown, where a cheerful staff member, masked and gloved, brought out a paper bag containing two books I'd ordered online. She placed the bag on one of the tables visible in the foreground and returned to the building. I -- also masked -- then came up to the table to claim my books. I miss random roaming amongst the bookshelves, but am very grateful for this order online/pick-up service!

I then headed for Village Books in the Fairhaven neighborhood, where a similar experience awaited. The back door of the store faces onto the Fairhaven Village Green, so it was a pleasant spot to wait for my order to be brought out by a masked and gloved employee, and deposited in a box by the door. 

This time the books were for a younger reader... our neighbors across the street had their first baby about a month ago. We gave them three board books for babies that I'd ordered online from Village Books soon after they brought their daughter home from the hospital, but there were two more on back order -- the ones I picked up today. I hope the new family of three enjoys "Time for Bed"  and "Where Do I Sleep?" (a Pacific Northwest Lullaby) as much as I do.

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