Oh! Dear

Dieticians words to me was
I will send you a selection of fortified drinks
So I was expecting them to be delivered to me she said I will send them to you.
Well unless miraculously each drink is a different type of Apple flavour ~~~~~
So I asked the pharmacist could you tell me if there’s a specific time of day to have this drink. The lovely lady looked at me took a deep breath and said ~~~~~~~~~
Best to have it at night time as if you have this in the morning you probably will not want anything more to eat for the rest of the day.
The reason for me hilighting this is.
The many elderly people I have cleaned for ~~~~~~they start to go down and not eat then they give these drinks twice a day. And the result is they won’t eat food. So these make me feel bit sad I didn’t know this 20 years ago. :-(
Still I am in control of myself and I am striving to eat more holding weight at 7st 7 ish. These are supposed to help me gain back weight as I have lost over half a stone. Can’t wait to have it instead of biscuits and cheese :-) still upwards and onwards eh! I am still here eh!

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