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By ajt

Point de Poulains to Le Palais

Today we took the bus up to the Pointe de Poulains at the top of the island and walked back to Le Palais along the coastal path (GR 340).

We first had a look at Sarah Bernhardt's house from the outside and then the light house on the point. It was pretty windy and the we caught some rain, but it was warm rain, so not too bad.

We then walked along the coast to Sauzon, a pretty port where we bought lunch. Other than a sudden downpour just after we crossed the inlet - we ate our sandwiches under the cover of some trees, the weather started to lighten up and got nicer as we plodded southwards to the capital.

Today's back blip is a sea arch somewhere between Sauzon and Le Palais, as my camera doesn't have built in GPS I'm not exactly sure where, but the land is on the left and the sea is on the right!

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