By davidc

Abstract Thursday: Keyhole

As this is the first Thursday of the month, Ingeborg hasn't specified a theme for today's AT challenge so I thought I'd take a photo related to what I've been doing.

The DIY project to spruce up the appearance of the outside of our house continues. It's involved lots of sanding and repair of woodwork and plenty of other jobs too: it's certainly kept us out of mischief during the pandemic!

You may just be able to tell (in spite of the Photoshop abuse) that this is a photo of a keyhole. A year or two back we had to replace the mortice locks on our external doors as the old ones were worn out. Of course the standard dimensions had been changed over the years, hadn't they? The locks fitted OK but the keyholes are in a slightly different place. "Why have they changed the standard?" one asks!! - just to be awkward I guess. (Oh dear, am I becoming a grumpy old man?!) This meant that I had to enlarge the keyholes in the wood so that the keys would go in - but that meant that one of the two screws for the escutcheons wanted to go into nothing! So at long last I've got round to using epoxy filler to fill the gap - hence the creamy-yellow appearance on the edge of the hole. Fortunately you can put screws into the filler (gently) so once we've repainted the doors the escutcheons can go back. Another job done.

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