Denzil's occasional Blips

By denzilblount

My first splash

I've been wanting to have a go at an image of a water splash for some time. I managed to pick up a cheap basic Dixons brand flash from eBay and bought a flash trigger light sensor thingy.

Anyway, this was a small vase filled with water mixed with milk and I dropped a cherry tomato into it to create the splash. It was all set up in the sink so as to not make a mess. The flash was on one of those tabletop tripods placed off to the side. The camera was set to shutter priority and manual focus (to prevent any focusing pulses from the on-camera flash.

It's not the perfect image. I could do with a bit of black card or something for the background and placing everything somewhere other than the sink so that I can compose the image properly.

A bit of fun for a Monday evening in any case.

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