Tea with added Krust

By KrusTea


Not that *I'M* a pudding, but that there WAS pudding. This is what you call a 'mergency blip cos it's late.

There were opportunities to take pictures - plenty. But the fact of the matter is that I was far too busy either talking or knitting to do anything with a camera. In fact there were, at one point, 5 texts on my phone which were unanswered such was the fun I was having dog sitting, (and sympathising with his lack of mobility this morning) then meeting folk, showing off my new hair cut, knitting Special Project B, hearing about peoples' weekends, then having a meeting about the minutes (that I managed to finish last night!) (in which, as it turns out, I managed to get all the names right! Whoda thunk?!)

SO I have no idea why I'm up late. really, No idea. But it was worth staying up for. D came in from a late shift and 'Ding happened. Bromley apple crumble and vanilla icecream. Now I'm post-carb tired as well as just tired.

Tomorrow, dear friends, is a day when I will be taking Real Camera. For I am to be out visiting somewhere where the 3rd word is Larder and it means farmshop. (I can't remember where exactly but I'm guessing Food, coffee and foto opportunities will abound. I WILL TRY to remember to hit the button too!)

Night, blipping peeps.

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