Searching for Clues

We met up with a good friend and her son in Aylesbury this morning to play a CluedUpp virtual GPS game around the town. These events are a mix between a treasure hunt and Pokemon Go. You navigate around the town visiting locations where you "collect" (via your phone) clues and details from virtual characters. You assess the data you've gathered and get the chance to interrogate some of the characters through a dedicated app before deciding on submitting an answer (in this case a culprit and their tool of choice). We had good fun walking around seeing lots of other teams doing the same. Some had even dressed up (it was a witches themed game) it hats and other witchcraft regalia. We submitted our answer after a couple and hours and got it right first time, hurrah.  

We had Rosie and boyfriend (Ted) here for dinner and some great fun retro gaming afterwards on the Wii and PS3. A good day.

A blip from the centre of Aylesbury in the old town, St Mary's church in the sunshine.

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