By Honeythedog

Honey decides not to pose.

So Darren took me for a walk to the Knavesmire in York. When we got there we realised there was a race meeting on. As with most sporting events there were no official spectators, but as the vast majority of the race course is council owned land there were a number of people hanging around at various points around the course. We got there just as a race was about to start, Darren though it would be good to take a photo of me with the horse and jockeys running past behind me, I didn’t think this was a good idea, despite a fence being between me and the horses, anyway as they got closer I ran out of Darrens composition, if I’m honest I did over react and Darren was slightly disappointed. Not to be deterred he decided to have another go on the next race. We moved to an area where the distance between me and horses was greater. Darren got in position, Told me to stay, composed the shot in phone and then waited and waited. The horses eventually came, I could hear them, I was many metres from them, but I again I decided this wasn’t for me and ran out of Darrens composition as you can see from photo.
Darren gave up, it started raining and we got very wet :-(

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