By AllNations

A Chinese Dinner

These three friends from China are an answer to prayer... I was very concerned about how many new renters we needed in the Houses. And I prayed that God would send us renters. He answered with enough to fill both Houses PLUS these three additional girls! So then, we had to find a space for them! I hoped they would want to rent the house next door or the one up the street. That didn't work, but we did find a place for them close by. And, because of the Material Needs Ministry that my church started last year they only had to purchase their beds! We were so glad to help them.

And so they made us dinner. It was a lovely meal - Cola Chicken, Eggs and Tomatoes, Potatoes, Vegetables and, of course, Rice.

It was great to discover that it was one of the girl's birthday! What's the chance that the one night all of us could get together would be her birthday?!!! It was so fun showing them how to make brownies and how to use the oven to bake them!

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