By Viewpoint

Early Morning Yesterday

The Sheffield sky that was featured by Paul the Weatherman yesterday (though not my image). The clouds soon turned to rain and it was a fairly miserable day and probably one of my most difficult yet. It started when I tried to make an appointment with the bank and found I needed my telephone security log-on to progress through the menu - now as I don’t use telephone banking this added to my sense of frustration.  For goodness sake, all I was trying to do was make an appointment to go in to talk to them!  Once upon a time life was simpler and I could have just rung my bank, but then the big companies stopped wanting to pay the `little people' so there was more profit for them and their shareholders - what a world!  I then tried logging on to `tell us once’ but the site was down!  (Governments being no more efficient, as we well know.). So I moved on to the Teacher Pensions Agency, with slightly more success.  I did have to get the copy of the certificates I needed to send authenticated, which meant a trip up to see Ella and John and it felt good to talk to real people for an hour.  I also had a phone call from Pam and it was lovely to talk to her too.  I think the best part of my day though was the evening, when Positive Image Club was showcasing our first annual online exhibition.  I’d managed the briefest of naps after finishing my meal, otherwise I don’t think I’d have coped at all, but I survived for most of the evening and it really felt like a mini-holiday.  Two of my images did quite well - my Memento Mori tulip was picked out for the top five by our judges for the evening (Sue and Bryan who had been former members) and my Venice picture was in the top six, as voted on by the club. (I’m awake early again this morning - I only seem to be able to get to around 4.30am at the moment.)

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