Free as a bird

By freebird

Cambridge rendevous

Last time I saw my youngest son and his partner in the flesh was January, so it was just great to meet them in Cambridge for the day.
They travelled up from their home in London and it only took me an hour to drive there and find a free parking spot quite near the station - a major feat in itself.
We based ourselves at the Botanic Gardens having booked tickets in advance and it was the perfect place to meander around and to catch up with all our news. 
After a picnic lunch we headed for King's College and I was relieved to find that there weren't half as many people milling around as there would have been pre-Covid at this time of the year.
Some punts were out on the Cam and for a while it just seemed that things were as they always were. 
We bade our goodbyes and I headed home and I looked back on a lovely day as I drove down the A1M.  Hopefully it won't be as long before we meet again.

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