Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Foyers pier

Bit of a late start as we slept in, much to Kilda’s dislike as she had a late breakfast. The walk we decided on went near to the campsite about half way around so we started it there. Nice route heading up to Iverfarigaig before going into the forest. Stopped for lunch on a large rock in the middle of a heather patch in the forest. Finally came out near the campsite and went to see the Falls of Foyers. They were very impressive now and would have been even better in the past before some of the water was taken for the nearby power station. Went back to the campsite to see the loch was still choppy and J was tired after the 14k walk so no swimming. Early to bed to watch the last episode of Sherlock. Not very good with an implausible plotline which was a shame.

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