Keith B

By keibr

Sunset Harvest

I got to this evening with no photo for Blip and no bilberries in the fridge for breakfast. The solution was obvious and I went out behind the house into the forest armed with berry picker and camera.
Around half past seven in the evening the sun was on its way down and I picked my way higher onto the hill to get this picture.
I picked mostly bilberries, about 1.5 litres, but also about a third of a litre of lingonberries. The lingonberries went into a bottle, topped up with water and into the fridge. This is an experiment of mine using the old way of preserving and using those berries, which is basically keeping them in water all winter. The natural preservative in lingon should mean this works - we shall see.
One litre of bilberrieswent into the freezer, the rest into the fridge to be eaten over the next few breakfasts.  My title has a double meaning. It is a picture of the sunset, taken while harvesting, but in many ways this is the sunset harvest for the bilberries, which are definitely coming to the end now. There are plenty on the bushes but they taste a little floury and as you pick them many of the leaves follow the berries into the picker, which makes cleaning them a bit of a chore.
What a brilliant season it has been, and there's still the lingonberries to pick. They ripen late and are just about OK now but in a week or two they will be perfect.

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