By Ingeborg

Wild wide world

Wild world

Having fun with a round metallic batter bowl on the lawn with plenty of reflection. I think I am allowed to an outing in the garden while waiting for the Corona test results (within 48 hours of test, they said). I was a bit surprised about the test, they used one cotton swab which they first used deep in the throat and then pushed deep in the nose. Not nice, but I guess necessary, but I was wondering about why they didn't use two swabs for it. This way don't you push whatever may be in the throat also into the nose cavities? Still feeling as if I have a head cold ..

The wild wide world for today's two challenges with thanks to Sheelagh and Cailleach for hosting today's Wide and Wild Wednesday Challenges :-) Thanks very much for the kind comments and star for yesterday's tester stitches !

Remember that tomorrow's optional theme for Abstract Thursday is 'complementary colours' and the tag will be AT272

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