THamilton - Nature Lass

By TH71_NatureLass

Close Encounters...

With a sparrow hawk!

On the way back from my morning walk Jura jerked the lead and bolted into the bus shelter at the top if the hill. I quickly hauled her back as wings were flapped. Then, she just sat there. I stood quiet for what felt like ages, and then gently got my phone out to capture her. Jura and I then moved to the far end of the shelter and watched her. She walked along a few steps but just stood there. No obvious wing damage.

A couple of youngsters came out early for the academy bus so I warned them of the hawk in the shelter and urged them to stay out the shelter so as not to spook it or risk harm.

I popped the photo on the village facebook page and someone commented that it had probably flown into the shelter and stunned itself. Anyway, she apparently had flown off when more of the young ones came out for the school bus.

And...hump day is done!

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