Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

A bit on the (gloomy) side

A bit on the gloomy side today, but as it seemed dry this morning we set off walking down to the town for Mrs M to buy fish at Watts on the Railway Pier. Of course it began to rain and we got a fair soaking. On the way back via Star Brae and Taylor's Brae we passed this lamp post which has been leaning over for a long time, a year at least. It seems to be further over every time I go by, maybe trying to chat to its neighbour!  If I was the house owner I would make a big fuss!

I received a baby fern today through the post from the Fern Exchange of the British Pteridological Society. It was Dicksonia sellowiana, a tree fern from South America, from Mexico down as far as Uruguay. I grew some at Arduaine, but have a feeling that they didn't survive, though they're supposed to be as hardy as the Australian Dicksonia antarctica. I was about to pot it back into its pot - it had shaken out on the journey - when I noticed that it might actually be two growing together. So it proved, and now I have two!

Quote of the day:

Mehmet Murat ildan - "In the silence of the night, streetlights talk each other by touching their lights each other!”

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