By ilkkavalkila

Harvest started!

It rained 10 millimetres during the night (by 8 am) and it didn't look much like harvest weather in the morning, but it was very windy, so I decided to try when I got the combine home in the afternoon. This late in the autumn one can't be picky about the conditions.

First I thought I'd quit after the first load, but changed my mind. Unfortunately the cutter bar hit a stone and bent a little, so I chose not to finish the field and the second load, but instead put the first load in the dryer and repair the damage. Got that done just barely before dark. Now at 10:30 pm the dryer is still going, and I should decide whether I'll stop it for the night or try to guesstimate a suitable setting for the system that could stop it when the grain is dry enough. The latter is never easy when the weather is getting colder in the night and this being the first batch it's even harder. 

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