An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


A very important person visited today, our friend Gill (who is also one of Alan's ex-support workers.)

We haven't seen Gill since before lockdown so it was wonderful to be able to have coffee and cake with her today.  Alan absolutely adores her and they had so many adventures together.  We were all sorry when she retired.  

Last year when her husband retired they decided to get another dog (their boxer died a few years ago and they've missed having a dog around the house) and they welcomed Boycie, a long haired Hungarian Vizsla.  He is absolutely adorable and spoiled rotten (if you think Lola is indulged she is a mere pauper compared to Boycie :-))  They love him so much they have decided to get another one, and are hoping to welcome a new puppy in January.  

Other than Gill, there's been lots of coming and going today.  Alan's tummy milk delivery, bio-engineer to fix Alan's wheelchair, guy to service the hydrotherapy pool, guy to valet Alan's car, R, the dog walker and a Tesco delivery!  We have one of those Ring video doorbells and I feel it's been tinkling all day!  

After much discussion last night and this morning, we have decided to go ahead with the trip to Lancashire at the end of next week, unless of course a full lockdown is re-imposed.   

David pointed out that even though we didn't do much in Northumberland, we had enjoyed getting away and a having change of scene, and Alan and Andrew would definitely benefit from that too, even though their activities will be restricted.  So the trip is on.  

And Esme's birthday celebrations are definitely pared back as NS has announced the rule of six north of the border as well (although children under 12 are not counted in the six.)  

Jeez, this time last year we had no idea how much our lives would change within 12 short months although spookily my blip from a year ago today features a visit from Gill!  

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