By Shutterup

Well, it's the weekend!

What is life without the odd treat ... and when better than at a weekend.  I found a recipe for gluten free doughnuts.. well I have waited a few months before actually going ahead and having a go!! This is the result... weirdly shaped doughnuts but pretty dam delicious all the same!  
The scaffold men turned up with two lorries blocking us in from 8 -1pm today and proceeded to remove the scaffold off the new build next door and repurpose it on the old building which requires an entirely new roof.  Once they had left we had some peace in the garden.  After skipping lunch and getting the lawn cut and some planting done we were ready to scoff these down with a cup of tea before walking Flossie.  It has been gently warm and rather lovely today.. looking forward to another day like this tomorrow (minus the treat I suppose :) ) 

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