David J. Rose

By djrose007

"Do I have to ..........."

I think Eric, now 5.5 months, is trying to say "Do I have to wear this huge plastic bib thing?". Yes, I'm afraid you did have to wear it, you were having Spag Bol and we all know how that stains baby clothes. He was going to 'Cattle Country', in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, with his sister Ruby and Mummy Johanna. They were meeting Julia and the twins there. They had a really lovely time. They'd popped in to see us as it is en-route.
You may notice Jonty in the background, curled up asleep on the carpet. He's been quite lazy today. He wouldn't go for a walk this morning, I really mean he wouldn't. See the extra where he was lying at the top of the stairs watching me putting my boots on. I told him to come down to go for a walk, nothing. I walked up the stairs, put the lead on his collar, nothing. I even went down a couple of steps, which usually gets him up to follow me, nothing. I even pulled on the lead, gently, but he wouldn't budge.
I had to go out anyway so I took the bike.

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