The untameable beast. And his cat.

When we first rescued Tui (the cat), we probably deep down were hoping someone else could be found to look after her. She was a bit of a handful, to be honest. Aggressive, solitary: "Tui takes no shit from anyone," said her previous owner, except she hadn't called Tui Tui, she'd called her Dangle or Jancy or some other crappy name I cannot bring myself to recall.

Anyway, she soon settled down and took to being reasonable. And, of course, we couldn't have given her away even if we'd found someone to take her, because, well, we're wusses really.

Anyway, the standoffish uncuddleable one, who prefers hiding under a bed to being petted, seems to have developed a relationship with Ottawacker Jr. He, too, takes no shit. And they seem very happy to take no shit together. He picks her up, carries her to where he is sitting, and starts to pet her. And she, amazingly, astoundingly, incredibly, not only lets him, but loves it. She seeks him out now. Does a happy dance on his lap, then settles down for a long luxurious brush or stroke or whatever is on offer. 

Not sure how he has done it, but he has...

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