By dogwithnobrain

When your day, is night Alone

On Friday, Tooli had a mole removed from her thigh.

Tooli is not a bearer of pain, or treatment, or sickness.

She tolerated the surgery far better than I thought and has born the lack of shower well.

Today was ‘shower’ and plaster removal day.

She went for breakfast first (socially distanced) with her friends and then came home with the promise that her dad would Remove it gently after the shower

She came out the shower and positioned herself on the sofa.... the dressing was completely dry... yes. She had showered with her leg hanging outside the shower.

Her dad started and I held her down...

Oh the noise. The noise...

We got as far as the stitches being visible and her dad had to step back.... he was giggling hysterically and couldn’t continue.

He said if it had been a random individual he’d be fine... but because it was Tooli he was freaking too... unbelievable. Never seen him like that before.

I had to take over. Having to promise I would not rip it suddenly.

So I started corner by corner....

Admittedly I had to stop and gaze at the bruising and the four sticky out stitches. Oh dearie me. It does make the toes curl quite rapidly.

I finally managed to get it off and then I slathered petroleum jelly all over it.

And then she had to go and lay down for a while to recover from the screaming.

I should have lain down too! Quite traumatised by it all

I’ll spare you from the photo of the actual wound :)


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