By Seelye

She caught me

This photo was taken yesterday and the woman in the thumbnail caught me.

I went on a picnic this morning with a friend. We met in a park and had tasty things to eat, I had my tea and she had her coffee. She had a good cry. Her husband that has just turn 65 has dementia and it's pretty bad. He is obsessed with rocks and they are piled everywhere. All over the garage, in cupboards, in buckets, big piles in their backyard. And he barely talks. She also home schooled her 6 year old grandson this spring and some in the summer. He's acting out badly because he is not a good candidate for virtual learning. I felt terrible for the stress she is feeling. We talked about how she can relieve it.

So it was a good visit and she walked me to my car because I had something to return to her. My battery died...a good Samaritan went and got jumper cables, started my car and gave me the cables. I told him I would pay it forward. So then I had to drive around until I found a place with the right battery and have it installed. The battery in my car is in the trunk and not under the hood so it has to have gel in it. I was a sweaty mess once I got home. And Phoenix had really bad air today from the fires.

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