By Colgaize82

Sunrise Starter

I’m aware it’s been a while since I wrote a blip. I’m back at work- in a real sense, rather than a virtual online classroom sense.
It’s busy, demanding, tiring & full of Covid policy routines & procedures but it’s what I do & it’s good to be back.

Somewhere amongst the morning rush last week, I managed to take this photo from my bedroom window of the sun rising & I sent it to somebody who has become really rather special in my life. We’re both very busy with our work & our separate lives but we’re mapping out a way & finding a rhythm that allows us to be together.

I love little moments like this where I’ve noticed something that I know will be appreciated; it’ll raise a smile & accentuate that fluttery feeling that sits deep within the chest. It’s also a reminder of the wonders of technology. Yes, I would’ve liked to have been sharing this sunrise with this person-in real time but at least I’ve been able to share it digitally & know that (over our 80 mile physical gap) we were both inspired by the same picture- to not press snooze & to get out of bed & make a good start to our busy days.

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