a Scots life

By Annakucat

Screel and Bengairn

This is the view from the. front of the hotel, first time it’s been visible.  These beautiful little hills are not very high, but have been completely hidden by low cloud until this morning.
We had a great walk today, we took a slightly different path to Rockcliffe, right round the bay to Castle Point, another Iron Age fort with great views.
There was an ice cream van parked near the beach, a few too many people round it, (people ignoring my muttered “too close” these days) other than that it was pretty quiet, pairs of walkers, all keeping good distances and friendly.  See extras.  At the other end of the village we we delighted to find the little garden café is still there, we enjoyed a very good coffee and cake, & I bought a bottle for my collection in her little shop.  We walked back by the forestry road, a longer route, very enjoyable.  I was surprised Tad was up for it as his back is bothering him again, but he had a great day too.
We went to the Mariner for dinner tonight, it was very good, and we see the sunset from our seats, last extra.

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