By dunkyc

Witness Statement

There was I, head down, focussed upon the day’s menial tasks when suddenly there was an almighty crash at the rear door.

With a cursive ejaculation, I stood in time to see some feathers cartoonishly falling to the floor. Gazing outdoors, expecting to see a dazed or comatose bird, I was shocked to espy a sparrow hawk wrestling a pigeon to the floor and choking the very life from it.

Unperturbed by my presence with camera the sparrow hawk didn’t break stride with its murderous intent, tearing its exhausted stricken prey asunder and feasting upon its exposed innards.

My instinct to gag was briefly quelled by the curious sight of the seeds falling from the pigeon’s punctured stomach. Lunch within a lunch if you will.

I was shocked by the sight, yet unable to look away, but make no mistake, it was the sparrow hawk what done that pigeon in and to my regret, I was able to capture nothing more than a daguerreotype* of the cursed villain, who hereinafter shall be referred to as…….Beaky Blinders.

As a side note, it put me right off my chicken sandwich…

*For those stronger of stomach than I, the terrible beauty of ‘leftovers’ await you in the extras.

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