tell me...

...when it’s over

mama, meeped the boo

she was trying to hide - she’d sought shelter - under the dining room table - behind her kitty box - then in the shower - and finally settled here - between pillows on her mama’s bed - sigh

nothing can erase the sound - a fire alarm makes - to the tender ears of a kitty-boo - one who has been tragically scared - by the sound and then - almost drowned by a - flood of rushing water only to - be saved within mere moments - by their hysterical mama - it’s a scenario i will never forget

yet i can’t rescue the boo - from the piercing sounds - of the drill that must occur - to keep us safe - when her kitty ptsd kicks in - and i can only comfort her - with reassuring murmurs that - all will be well soon - she can trust me that it will be...


happy day.....

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