love light

By lrw


I don't get to shoot in my studio much these days what with the 'rona going round. But once in a while, in special circumstances, I get a chance. Today was such a day.

I have so many pent-up ideas floating around in my head, getting some of them out is good for me.

Anyone who follows me elsewhere (IG, Flickr, etc) will recognize this style but this is a somewhat different execution of the idea. This is an in-camera multiple exposure but I asked her to simple turn on one spot while I fired the camera (& flashes) three times. I have *lots* of other images we created this afternoon but this is, hands down, my favourite.

(this is the censored version. Although it's abstract enough from my point of view, I understand a number of people will find it awkward to view uncensored. I am sure the proper image will show up elsewhere soon but for now I'm keeping this a "blip exclusive" :)

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