Tiny Tuesday: Rings

MaryElizaR has asked us to blip rings or earrings today.

I rarely wear earrings and certainly have no jewellery here at the farm apart from the three pieces I always wear, my wedding and engagement rings and this one.
It is known as the Auntie Pam Ring. When my aunt died she left me some money and about the same time a jeweller I knew wanted to sell me a 2nd hand engagement ring at a good price. It looked very like my own so I had it reset with a ruby each side of the diamond.
I think Auntie Pam would be very pleased to know how I spent her bequest.

There is another story I always think of related to this piece. When my granddaughter, Elizabeth, was very small, probably 2 or 3 years old, she asked about the ring while I was bathing her. I told her its history and she promptly related it word for word to Aunty Julia the next day. She had barely learned to talk at the time.

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