By dogwithnobrain

I never thought it would happen

Who would have thunk? 

When I was at School University was a bit of an unreachable - it was a place for other people.  

It was very lovely, and affirming,  that I got to University, not once, but twice. 

Some things though, always seemed slightly out of reach.

So how weird is it that Oxford University, is actually happening at our Dining Room Table? 

Yip - That is Tooli, attending her first lecture... on line... from our Dining Room. 

It's not all good though.... I just went through for a nosey (from the up-stairs office) and was given the "Speak to the hand, except don't speak to the hand, because the hand is busy and doesn't want to interact with you right now. 

Oh, the traumas of Oxford University math's lectures.  

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