Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

From atop of the same tree stump as yesterday, looking more to the right. Patchy fog about this morning, after some very heavy showers that I was lucky to avoid. On the way in, the very mild weather had me thinking this would be an ideal start for much fungi fruiting. And on the way home, I discovered that indeed it was, with a couple of large field mushrooms going very well with onion in an omelette this evening.

Also on the way home, picked a load of apples from the laden tree in the extra... as if I need anymore. These are all very small, and I plan to give them to the birds this Winter.

I confess to saying some very rude words to two blokes today. They were doing some fencing work close to the A9 above North Kessock this morning. Was cycling along the cycle path in a narrow shady part with trees hanging over an open fence from one side, and metal barrier to the dual carriageway on the other, watching out for others/glass/potholes etc. A noise to my right caused me to glance that way, and there were a couple of blokes down below me working on something. Upon turning back to look forward, WHACK, my helmet collided against something very solid and substantial at upper forehead level. One heck of a thump, which didn't knock me off, but ow, and a bit shaken, I screeched to a halt. "What the hell was that?" Paused before getting off the bike and looking around. Those blokes had stuck two very long bits of timber for fence cross beams up through the fence, and they were more than halfway across the narrow cycle path. As the timber was darkened by being treated, and wet from rain, it wasn't at all obvious against the background. Words were had, and I moved the timber to avoid anyone else suffering similar or worse fate. Once again, thank goodness I was wearing a helmet, but it'll be best to replace it after the solidity and force of that collision, even if it appears only slightly damaged on the outside. I do have a wee bit of a headache now.

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