By Shutterup

Teeny tiny

I was rummaging today.  I came across this teeny little watch that belonged to my aunt and which I inherited when she died.  I was only about 16 at the time and thought it too precious to wear.  I considered wearing it when I was about 18 but the gold strap is a bit broken and to be honest... it was a little too teeny and delicate for me to wear.  So I hid it away in a safe place.  My daughter will have a  birthday with a 0 on the end this year.. I was thinking I should get it repaired and serviced and let her have it.. (she is not so big boned) The question is.. will she want it... if not it might be rather a waste of money and time repairing it... but.. it was a prized belonging of a special aunt... does that mean I need to keep it if she doesn't want it?  Sentimental attachments are the trickiest.

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