Hazy stroll

Max took me for a walk after coffee, my knee only gave way once, I spent the day meditating, using my tens machine, doing Pilates, reading about the back and reading a book called spark your dream which is about an Argentinian couple who decided to drive to Alaska in a 1928 car in the 90s. Also caught up with my very old friend Rebekah who called me from America, we spoke for an hour.
My dad is back in hospital, he had an ileostomy 10 years ago which recently malfunctioned and he had a hernia and had emergency surgery which was very touching go, he pulled through but it just hasn’t been working properly, I’ve worked out what is wrong, they found a way of making the hole in the stoma bigger and as long as he can manage to do that at home for the next six months until they can operate again then we’re all good. They just don’t want to have to operate now because he’s been through so much.
I feel so helpless, there is so much to do in the house and the mess is piling up, Max is working so hard to look after me and everybody else, he looks exhausted, Zebedee is so self obsessed and just seems to lack empathy, he creates a lot of mess which causes tension, he is at least now paying us a weekly contribution now that he is working and Max says that he is making a bit of an effort to help out but it’s just not enough. Gulliver has been ill for the last few days and really not up to doing much, the sore throat has gone but he now has a blocked up stuffy nose and he actually said he was feeling a little short of breath so we are keeping a close eye on him.

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