Burradoo Journal

By Burradoo

Frank's magnolias

Magnolias are the latest blossoms to appear on our walks. Magnolias always remind us of Frank. Frank and Lottie were our neighbours when we lived in Sydney. Frank was an enthusiastic gardener: everything he grew was big. We would come home to find a bucket in the garden, full of huge tomatoes, or enormous rhubarb, or sprays of magnolia so large that it was hard to find a vase for them.
Frank was enthusiastic about Christmas too. Each year he would decorate the outside of their house with coloured lights and flashing reindeer and Father Christmases. He invited the neighbours in to enjoy the show and entertained the children with Christmas carols and windup Christmas toys. Frank counted the number of attendees at his nightly shows, and if the count was somewhat inflated, well that was just another manifestation of Frank’s big personality.
Frank and Lottie are long gone now. All this took place before neighbourhood Christmas decorations became sophisticated and competitive. But magnolias will always remind us of Frank.

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