By 62Daisies

Lemon gin and tonic

I had a sort of busy day in my micro world.
At 9am I walked the dogs.
Did a lot of washing of dog beds and covers.
The dog groomer arrived and hardly touched Molly, but still charged the same :-)
I cleaned the kitchen and tidied the conservatory and emptied, tidied and cleaned the main bedroom ...basically everywhere the glass people would have to see :-)
The glass people arrived, masked, although I had to tell one to cover his nose with the mask... They tightened a front bedroom window, under warranty, and two of them spent exactly ten minutes putting a sheet of conservatory roof glass back into position. This wasn’t under warranty, they didn’t build it. The bill will be interesting :-)
I went to Waitrose to take a belt back and buy myself some sushi as a treat, (Adrian is away, working on Lydia’s empty flat). Then I went called in at Lesley’s, on the way home, to pick up a present I’d left there.
Then I decided to take the present to Debbie, it’s hand written lyrics from a musician she likes (good idea to help earn money I thought,  as musicians must be suffering at the moment) ...and she asked if I’d like to have a lemon gin and tonic in the garden ...so I said yes. And we had gin and tonic and pretzels, and which was lovely ...and at 9pm I went home to the dogs :-)

Lemon gin seemed to taste the same as ordinary gin to me :-)

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