THamilton - Nature Lass

By TH71_NatureLass

Most Northerly Point...

Today we went a beach walk at Dunnet Bay, then headed up to Dunnet Head - the most northerly point on mainland Scotland.

The last time we were there it was so windy and cold, when I took my gloves off to take a photo they were numb in no time - and aching soon after!

Glad to say is was much nicer weather this visit, so we could see across to Hoy, the second largest of Orkney’s islands. If you zoom in on the left hand point of Hoy - you will see the sea stack that is the Old Man of Hoy.

The rub to it being nicer weather, was there were more people there than we were comfortable with (get us!) so we didn’t stay too long. Hardly passed a soul at Dunnet Bay too.

We headed back to the cottage to sit out reading in the sun.

Hopeful to get some star gazing tonight. Went out and watched for a wee while last night.

Hope your hump day wasn’t too humpy, T

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