By dunkyc


In a week’s time it will be a year to the day that I moved into the first house I have ever owned by myself.

That day was cold and raining. The previous owners, though lovely, took forever to leave on the day, but leave they did and I began life in a new home. 

It felt strange at first not to be sharing the experience of moving into a new home with someone and as anyone who has read my blips will know, it’s taken me some time to adjust to living on my own - purely because, I’ve never really had to do it for this amount of time before!

Happily, with the help of family and friends, the adjustment has been made and over the course of time the frequency and length of time with my children has steadily increased to the point of which that they split their time equally between myself and their respective mothers, which seems to be working and beneficial for all parties. 

The house which I didn’t anticipate on spending THAT much time in, has truly become a home for all of us and all who visit say how cosy and comfortable it is, which is exactly what I was going for. It is sorely in need of a lick of a paint, which I will do at some point, but right now, having moved furniture around endlessly, I feel like I have finally landed on where everything belongs.

The light flooding into the front room where we sit and eat our breakfast (pictured here) is a really nice way to start the day.

Wonder how the place will look in a year’s time and whether I will ever be able to find out what the odd smell in the utility room is….

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