By Helwild

Budle Bay Defences

Boy was it busy in Bamburgh today! Luckily we were only parking there for the start of our walk.  We walked north out of the village to pick up a footpath that took us through fields, woods and Bamburgh golf course towards Budle Bay. 

This image is of a gun emplacement and where we walked down to the beach. Much like yesterday, we took off our boots, and paddled along the shoreline. It was only a short walk back to Bamburgh from here. And yet another warm and sunny day.

The extra is of our mad little companion back in the garden of the cottage. We've seen this stoat on a couple of occasions while we've been staying here. This afternoon it was fearless and curious. I sat on the steps in the garden and was taking a few shots when it stood completely still after hearing the shutter sounds on my camera. I thought it might just disappear, but did the complete opposite. It rushed straight towards me to find out what the noise was. It came within a couple of feet before it decided I wasn't that interesting and scampered off down the garden again. Unfortunately, I only got a couple of blurry shots as it ran towards me, so this one will have to suffice to record the encouter.

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