The day started with a hospital visit for the HG, who had issues with his pacemaker, however, all was well when it was checked out.

A beautiful warm day, with a high eventually of 21C.  We decided not to waste the good weather and drove over to the Campsies on the other city of the city.  

We parked for a while at the viewpoint, and watched the walkers going up, heading probably for Cort ma Law, the highest point of the Campsies, which is over and on the other side of the hill shown.  I was very envious as I can't walk at present at least until I have my hip operation, hopefully will get back to it after that.  Covid 19 has meant that I am having to wait for longer for treatment.

However, I could remember climbing it and a happy memory it is too.

Drove over the Crow Road and had a snack at a wee place we know, and sat outside enjoying the sunshine.

Hope everyone had such a fine day

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