David J. Rose

By djrose007

And then there were two.

I haven't taken a single photograph today so this is a bit of an emergency blip, my two car models which are treasured and not even Hendrix, nor Lennon before him, were allowed to play with or take them out of the boxes! They both have fully working parts (except for the machine guns not firing shells of course!). MX-5 roof goes up and down etc.
The title 'And then there were two' refers to the children. Julia came mid morning to pick up Isabella and Harriet. We've really enjoyed having  them staying with us over the past 4 days, they have been an absolute joy and Hendrix has loved having them to play with in the mornings.
This morning Hendrix and Buddy arrived before the girls were up so when he went into the kitchen for breakfast, and saw they weren't in their high chairs, he burst into tears and said "B and Hetty not here". He thought they'd gone. We all crept up the stairs, quietly opened the bedroom door and there they were. Standing up in the cots, which are pushed together, they all started to laugh. Changed and dressed we all then went down for breakfast until Julia came.
So after about 0900 we were down to two, Hendrix and Buddy.
Buddy still has a cold and he was obviously tired. I sat with him and he fell asleep about 0940. He slept until Daniel came to pick them up at 1120, he was very tired!

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