Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


The smoke is still hanging out a bit longer but we went out anyway to do the grocery shopping, but not any serious walking……but enough of those hazy photos.

We need something to laugh about…so you will have to ”humor” me.   :-)  or just don’t read.      Of course we are missing our island forest and salt water…(it looks like the next border opening deadline is Oct 21 now)… so our son told us to watch a survival show on prime video that is set in the winter on the remote NW corner of Vancouver Island in BC as it LOOKS a lot like “our” inhabited Island.   H and I have been around Vancouver Is. a couple of times on a boat, NOT to camp.. just to explore on a’s beautiful but hostile.   So there are 10 guys dropped off in different spots, miles apart. …the person who lasts the longest get $500,000.   One young guy is leaving his pregnant wife, one his dying mother, most of them have young kids at home and not all are prepared for this environment, to say the least.   The first one doesn’t make it thru one day because of the bears.    None of them figure out enough to eat.  I think it’s a dumb show the way it’s produced but of course we wanted to know who could last and how, so we stuck it out, little by little.    Well I sometimes get very annoyed and frustrated with the control for Apple TV and resorted to voice control, just asking  it to find (the series) “Alone”.    I don’t know who is in there …it’s not Alexa (we don’t have anything with her I don’t think…)  maybe Siri??… but this pleasant voice answers  “If that’s how you are feeling, I have some ideas for things that might help you feel better.  Would you like to hear them?”     

Just made us laugh so hard!!!!!!   
Her answer to "yes" was "it might help to reach out to someone you trust."
OK.  Blippers!

The last guy made it 56 days, he ate a lot of seaweed and slugs (and caught a few fish) ….I don’t need to see any more of these but it did make us think about our little piece of paradise (“our” forest last summer is the background …Maybe we can do some vicarious “forest bathing”….) We also realize how much better off we are here with this smoke.   NO HVAC in the cabin.  

If you got this far I hope you had a chuckle.   The blips we have resorted to in this weird time!  NO more screens!

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